March 6, 2017

List: Mandy's Favorite Makeup Look

List: Mandy's Favorite Makeup Look via
I'm not an authority on makeup whatsoever.  My mom has always rarely wore makeup, so my growing self would pick and choose what I thought I'd like from friends or the dreaded media, and it's caught up with me now.

It's either getting older and not caring anymore or being accustomed to my broke self, but I don't do much with the stuff anymore.  I'm beautiful as I am, but I can flaunt a few of my natural features when I wanna.  I know what works for me in my laziness and basic portrayal of my "best face."

Excluding naming each product I use, here's a list of my favorite makeup items for an everyday look:

March 1, 2017

Finds & Treasures: Bulbasaur Figurines

Finds & Treasures: Bulbasaur Figurines via
Thanks to the smash nerd takeover of last summer's Pokémon Go app, I have fully embraced my love for Bulbasaur as the best Pokémon there is and ever was.  I'm only a bandwangoner of the Poké-verse with my superficial bias towards cuteness over anything else, so go ahead and judge.  I'll be over here with my Bulba's having a grand ol' time catching as many pocket monsters as I can.

The boyfriend, who is a huge Pikachu fan boy from the start of Pokémon in the ninties, has noticed my newest obsession and has found two cute little figurines for me so far while finding little Pikachu's for himself.  The tiny vinyl one rests on my desk (as shown in my Totoro post in the background) but has a vacation home in my purse to occasionally be everywhere with me.  Boyfriend's latest purchase who has taken residency on a stack of books is the 3D printed one!  How rad, right?

What Mandy Loves: Image of my two Bulbasaur figurines via
Check out the sweet printing lines on the 3D printed one - so rad.

What Mandy Loves: Image of Jimmy the cat chilling with the figurines via
Jimmy for scale.

Who is your favorite Pokémon?  Let me know in the comments!

February 15, 2017

DIY "Pixel Pansy" Granny Square Blanket (plus free pattern!)

DIY Granny Square Blanket via
One thing I can never have is too many blankets.  I'm always cold and swap out my style so much that I like having so many options available to me to be cozy and colorful in my home.  Since I started learning crochet, there has been one project I've wanted to start and that's a simple blanket I can customize.

One Pinterst browsing session a few years ago sparked my interest in a possible blanket idea.  I set up my own pattern spreadsheet and used a few techniques along the way that turned this idea into a two year blanket project I recently finished.  The blanket itself cost more than I usually pay for a blanket because of all the yarn I had to get to finish it (underestimating is one of my unfortunate specialties), but it turned out looking SO GOOD and was so much fun to make that I consider the cost well worth it.  Each granny square based on my pattern took about 20 minutes to make, and each completed row took at least an hour to join, so that's why it took me two years on and off to finish this bad boy.

If you're up for a blanket project that's custom to your style and skill level, I hope this DIY is inspirational to you.  Here's how I made this pixel pansy flower granny square blanket:


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