Monday, June 6

List: What Mandy Loves About Bullet Journaling

List: What Mandy Loves About Bullet Journaling via
Bullet Journaling has taken over the Internet for those who love logging their life in cutesy ways using old-school pen and paper.  I'm one of those suckers who jumped right in and NOW I'M OBSESSED.  I use the techniques in a personal planner with colored-coded awesomeness, and use it with work for logging to-dos and meeting notes.  I'm even getting inspired to journal more (even if it's not happening technically yet, sure - the inspiration is there).

Since I can't stop / won't stop making my pseudo bullet journal the best it can be and soaking in all the tips all over the Pinterests and blogs and Googles, I must chime in with a list of what I love about it for the record:

Monday, May 2

List: What Is Mandy Up To (May 2016)

What Mandy Loves List: What Is Mandy Up To? (May 2016)
The past few months have had a few big changes, so might as well get 'em out in an Up To:

  • Obsession: Puzzles!  Kid Mandy was obsessed with em, the more complex the better.  Scott (the boyfriend - see the Hope bullet) mentioned there was a puzzle in his office break room that reminded him how fun puzzles are, and I gasp "I have ONE puzzle!  LET'S DO THIS."  Several puzzles and multiple shopping trips later, our obsession can't stop, won't stop.

Monday, April 4

List: What Mandy Loves About Exercise

List: What Mandy Loves About Exercise via www.whatmandyloves.comI grew up with a mom who always went to the gym five to six days a week (and still does).  Kid Mandy, who has only had ONE year of P.E thanks to band and musical theater credits, would occasionally go with her when I would otherwise sit on my butt - then go back to sitting on my butt.  Most of the time, I was the '90s kid who USED to be active to mostly chase bugs, but would rather sit on my butt and waste this long-legged body on sedentary hobbies.

Now I'm supposed to be an adult who eats right, exercises, and can take care of myself, blah blah blah, right?  In reality, I keep the relatively same body I've had since high school by taking semi-regular walks and fasting accidentally more than purposely eating healthy.  I have access to a gym I'll occasionally go to and stick with for a few months, give up and eat pizza, repeat.  It's a cycle I've accepted of myself until I find that adult motivation, or I won't and that's fine.

When I DO embark in purposeful movement for healthy reasons, here are the few things I actually love about exercise:


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