March 13, 2013

Tip #3: Decorative Knobs for Hair Accessories

Lovely Tip #3: Decorative Knobs for Hair Accessories via
A friend of mine reads tarot.  It was clear from my first reading that if any card was a "me" card, one that best described me and my personality, it is the Sun card.  This lead me into memorabilia mode: as soon as I can attach myself to something tangible, there's gotta be memorabilia with that something in mind I can display on myself or in my living space.  In come these decorative knobs.  I found them on Etsy from the DontThreadOnMeShop shop.  After realizing they wouldn't fit on some drawers I bought them for, I came up with another way to use them.

Place decorative knobs on a wall to hang lightweight hair accessories.

These particular knobs came with separate screws that would not screw into the wall correctly, so I used sticky adhesive strips that support enough weight for a few headbands.  The knobs themselves placed near my bathroom door add to the decor in my bathroom with the highly detailed tarot card imagery hung at eye level for me to glance at daily.  Keeping the headbands on the wall saves space in drawers.  I don't know about you, but when something is out and in my face, I'm more likely to use it.

How do you display your hair accessories?  Have you used decorative knobs in unique ways?  Let me know in the comments!

Lovely Tip #3: Decorative Knobs for Hair Accessories via

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