April 24, 2013

Tip #5: Wall Ornament to Cover Dings

Lovely Tip #4: Wall Ornament to Cover Dings via www.whatmandyloves.com
The paint on my walls is like a layer of skin.  It just won't let anything stick to it no matter how sticky the tape it, or how light a certain hanging fixture is it'll just tumble down.

My stupid walls are tricky with those adhesive stickies, too.  I bought one that came with its own little tray that's supposed to hold up to a few pounds safely on your walls without crashing to the ground.  Not on my walls!  A thin pair of biking gloves (the ones I had to keep up real high or my cat would run off with 'em) was all it took for the thing to separate from the wall and take two chunks of paint with it.  How did I end up hiding the white unpainted chunks on my wall?

Embellish ugly wall mistakes or dings by covering them with a flat generic Christmas ornament.

My grandmother (the hording bookworm-y one who I rarely mention, not the hording crafty one where I get most of my "Find and Treasure" junk from) has yet to let a Christmas go by without us grand-kids receiving an ornament.  This past years' happens to be a big, flat, bedazzled butterfly that says "this tree is FABULOUS."  I thought it was so neat I had to display it somewhere outside of the holiday season.  Lucky for me, it's just big enough to hide the unpainted chunks on my wall and add some FABULOUS at the same time.  It even makes the hook I use to hold my keys a little bit fancier.  (Oh, a massive set of keys on a hook with one sticky is TOTALLY doable, but a pair of gloves on TWO stickies is too much for you, WALL?!)

Ornaments are just one flat nice-looking thing on a wall that can distract from unsightly wall wounds.  The other obvious choices are posters or pictures frames, but what about a broken flat magnet from your fridge that is so cool looking but the magnet part of just JUST WON'T STAY ON?  If the wall dings are near the floor, put a funky piece of furniture or a lamp in front of it to distract from the wall itself.

What do you use to cover ugly wall dings?  Let me know in the comments!

Lovely Tip #4: Wall Ornament to Cover Dings via www.whatmandyloves.com

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