May 8, 2013

Tip #6: Vintage Lunchbox as Storage

Lovely Tip #6: Vintage Lunchbox as Storage via
In a cramped studio apartment, it's tough to create extra space for your stuff when extending your arms almost touches two parallel walls.  Office supplies are harder to store for me since my fancy-schmancy IKEA desk has no built-in storage except for the computer tower drawer sold separately.  How do I store my extra pencils and other supplies?

Use a vintage lunchbox displayed on a shelf as secret storage.

I love secret storage!  If this apartment complex would let me, I'd build a secret shelf out of my bathroom door or hide stuff under floorboards.  Using the inside of something decorative as hidden storage is great for hiding the things you don't want displayed as well as keep those things out of the way.  With my Scooby-Doo lunchbox found at a thrift store (not sure how "vintage" it is since I've seen several others since), I can show my love for Scooby and the gang, and keep all my office supplies in one unique place.

Lovely Tip #6: Vintage Lunchbox as Storage via

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