June 12, 2013

Finds & Treasures: Panther Bookend (June's Office Theme)

Finds & Treasures: Panther Bookend via www.whatmandyloves.com
For a gal who doesn't have many physical books on her shelves, I sure have a lot of bookends.

This one is part of a pair my grandmother purchased when my dad was a kid.  The other bookend is reversed and is with my sister.  This lone kitty rests on my desk with a filing cabinet working as the other bookend between some notebooks near my monitor.  It's about four by six by ten inches and could help me defend myself against burglars since it's freakin' HEAVY.  It's basically a panther-shaped anvil.

I remember growing up that my grandparents gave these to us but my mom was causcious with them like she was with all blunt and heavy objects.  The panthers were banished downstairs in the basement with a lot of my dad's books because my mother obviously imagined my sister and I would try to hurt each other with them.  (Did we?  Probably.)

As we got older and I got my own room (oh how lovely that first lone room was), the panthers were taken out of hiding and split between us sisters like my grandparents had planned.  I'm not sure of their worth or the material they're made from (its some sort of metal maybe), but they have held themselves and my books up for quite some time with a side skill of being a dust magnet.  Maybe I can convince my sister to let me have the other one...

Finds & Treasures: Panther Bookend via www.whatmandyloves.com
Jimmy the wanna-be panther got in my shot, so cute!

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