June 1, 2013

My Office

My Office via www.whatmandyloves.com
I have so much stuff I wanna share with y'all, but the more I collect items for future posts I started to see patterns.  So starting this month (and however many months in the future I feel like doing this) I'm doing THEMED MONTHS YAY!  Despite the capitalized excitement however, not much will change, so yay?

This month is my office, which is my cute little desk space smooshed into my studio apartment (taking up most of my living space) where the magic of What Mandy Loves and my other projects happen - the perfect first theme to show off where WML is created.

Throughout the month I will spotlight projects & items as usual with my DIY, Finds & Treasures, and Tips posts so don't expect any format changes.  June's theme includes ways to unite your office supplies and will highlight a few quirky things that make my desk space unique.

View the caption of the photo below for details and links which will be updated later on in the month.

DIY Braided Office Supplies (June's Office Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Panther Bookend (June's Office Theme)
Tip #7: Wrap Paper Over Office Supplies (June's Office Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Baby Filing Cabinet (June's Office Theme)

My Office via www.whatmandyloves.com
Room divider (crafted & thrifted), green desk & tower drawer combo (Ikea), nail polish (drug stores, etc) in a glass vase (thrifted), POP! vinyl figurine in Daryl from "The Walking Dead" (Hot Topic), tape dispenser (Office Depot), braided office supplies (crafted & thrifted), monitor stand (crafted), yellow Walkman headphones (thrifted), panther bookend (from my grandmother), Native Union Pop Phone handset in yellow (Forever 21), baby filing cabinet (thrifted), cat statue (swap meet), magazine holder (crafted & Office Depot), Scooby-Doo vintage lunchbox (thrifted), embroidery hoop wall art (crafted, thrifted, & various craft stores), unseen desk chair (thrifted)
(For those who are wondering, the white things stuck to my monitor are fortune cookie slips.  One says "You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily" and other says "You will bring sunshine into someone's life."  I've collected all fortunes I've received since grade school and these two ring true with me daily.)

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