July 15, 2013

List: 10 Things You Don't Know About Mandy

I've been meaning to come up with a new category that flaunts my natural talent for making lists for anything and everything (and damn proud of it!), but one of my favorite blog ladies I follow MissIndie has pushed me to my first post with her 10 Things You Don't Know About Me post.  Since I'm a sucker for people with the same name as me (Mandy's UNITE), here's me band-wagoning on this trend by listing my 10 Things:

1. Soda freaks me the f*&% out.  Anything fizzy or bubbly in my mouth UH it's like the taste-bud equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.  It feels like there's something alive in my mouth.  Flatten any soda and it'll taste fine by me, but it better not have any carbonation or I'll flip my lid.

2. I was a Girl Scout for two years, but I joined when I was 14.  I still have my one and only badge I received.  It has books on it... the reading badge maybe?  (Shown in this Tip post, if you're wondering.)

3. My top 3 pet peeves: Crumpled up dollar bills (so many wrinkles!), pronouncing my home state wrong (it's Nevada with an emphasis on the A in the middle.  NOT NEV-AW-DUH ya nudnicks), and empty rooms (there's so much potential for this space / I may have slight anxiety for wide open spaces).

4. Tattoos.  I have one peace sign tattoo in my left ear and plan to get at least 6 total tattoos before I die.  Why 6?  Just a random number I picked that's more than a few (and I like even numbers).  So far I hope one of them will be giraffe-related, one or two about nature, and one of the sun, but these are wimpy ideas I haven't flushed out yet.  (I'm one of those that needs to have significance on what's on me that'll last.)

5. Music.  I was kind of a metal head in high school.  "Kind of" means main-stream rock and metal like Korn and Disturbed, stuff that had actual singing as well as screaming with that "frustrated" sound.  Sure I still listened to classic rock and some top 40 stuff too, but my scrawny pale self was usually spotted wearing black, baggy jeans, Converse of the leopard print fuzz variety, and an iPod blaring rock and roll.  Nowadays I'm more into indie rock and easy listening stuff but still a stickler for classic rock.

6. I've collected every fortune from every fortune cookie I've had since grade school.  That sounds like I have a ton, but I'd say it's about a few dozen.  They're kept in my wallet at all times excluding my few faves I've placed on my home office's monitor.  My all-time favorite one I've received is "You will bring sunshine into someone's life," which I opened on June 22nd, 2010 since I wrote the date on it.

7. I used to HATE people.  Call it teen angst if you will, but I was a major loner who had a few friends that I really didn't care much for just so I wouldn't be spotted as a loner who didn't possess the ability to have friends.  I truly thought the pretty and popular were out to get me, everybody will disappoint you at some point, and life was better spent at an arm's length from people.  Thankfully I've outgrown this attitude and appreciate the amazing people I'm surrounded by from the past, currently, and whoever shows up in the future.  (My adolescent self is featured in this Thinks post as well.)

8. I can memorize any song's lyrics in 20 minutes.  Growing up, the only way I would purchase an album was if I liked at least half of what I heard on it.  Then I'd have to memorize every song on the album or those songs just felt wasted on me.  Now I have a technique of memorizing lyrics really quickly.  (I even wrote this post about it on my Thinks blog.  I'll admit it depends on the song - "Middle Man" by Jack Johnson is something I'm still working on - but my techniques can work for almost any song.)

9. Since I hate coffee and hot tea is something I only wish I liked, I've got a slight addiction to iced tea.  I buy those massive buckets of tea powder, stirring up a few pints a day.  At one point in college I was drinking 10 a day to the point where a day without caused horrendous sugar withdrawals.

10.  I am easily swayed by television commercials.  If there's a new hygiene or snack product out there, I've probably tried it and cursed myself for getting duped into buying it.

OH!  Apparently I have to tag others who've also done these types of posts, and so far Scathingly Brilliant and Delightfully Tacky have similar posts of those I follow (both inspired by MissIndie).  If you tag me lemme know, the more the merrier!

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