August 7, 2013

Finds & Treasures: Mod Dining Table & Chairs (August Kitchen Theme)

Finds & Treasures: Dining Table & Chairs via
I am finally spotlighting the awesomeness that is my dining set!

If you're an avid WML reader, you've noticed by now that a lot of my posts show my stuff photographed on top of a big orange flower table.  Besides the fact that it's a hand-painted masterpiece (I'm not this talented, but as you can tell daddy-o is), it happens to be in front of my only window: the ideal place to take photos for my blog.  After months of this orange flower in your face, I have finally got around to showing off my dining set.

It all started when my thrifty mother found two orange and green vintage-looking chairs near a similar fold-out table with green legs.  Without hesitation she buys it and calls me to tell me the good news. "I got you the perfect table and chairs for your new place!  It's completely you and your dad can go nuts on the table surface to make it match the chairs."  (This is a paraphrase but let's call it accurate because it is.)

As a twenty-something who favors microwaveable meals and fast food over sit-down meals for everyday convenience, I have to admit most of the activity around this dining set is Jimmy the Cat jumping on and off to get to his windowsill.  BUT there has been some meaningful dinner nights spent munching over this table while I sit in one seat and Jimmy sits in the other.  (I did not train him to do this, he does it on his own... just joins me for dinner without begging or attempting to steal my food.)

Where do you spend your sit-down meals?  Does your dining set express yourself?  Let me know in the comments.

Finds & Treasures: Dining Table & Chairs via
Jimmy joined in to juxtapose his fat self to the size of the dining set :)

Aren't these chairs great?  In excellent shape, too.

This artsy-fartsy mod flower design courtesy of Rex Norman, my talented daddy-o.

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