August 5, 2013

List: What's on Mandy's Bucket List? August 2013

In no particular order, here's ten things I want to do / get / experience before I'm meant to leave this Earth:

    List: What's on Mandy's Bucket List? August 2013 via
  • Get at least 6 total tattoos: This includes each of a set if applicable.  I have one so far and hope to get a few more fairly soon.  They range in sizes and colors but I definitely don't want to go overboard.  Being able to cover most of them while still showing some skin would be fine, but showing them off as much as possible would be ideal.

  • Visit all 50 states: Whether it's a road trip via car or RV just to see them all in one trip or just at least passing through 50 total by retirement, I can't wait to see what each state has in store.  I passed through several states as a kid with all the moving, but since I don't remember those experiences I'm just not counting them.

  • Go back to school: My plan right now is to start some sort of Creative Writing certificate degree by age 29.  This could be checked off my list with taking a few random college courses as well.

  • Learn to sew / more sewing skills: My dad is a master at costume design and anything artsy with a needle (excluding tattoo needles).  What I know so far is what my dad taught me only because I sheepishly asked, but I at least want to get the hang of fixing up clothes.  I may get a sewing machine and/or mannequin thing if I get really serious about it, but the best I can do is sewing on buttons.

  • Get a dog: I grew up with Corky and Cheyenne, the two greatest dogs ever, but I have yet to own my own dog where I'm 100% responsible for them like I am with Jimmy the Cat.  Since my sister and parents have dogs now, it's only a matter of time and money before one steals my heart.

  • Learn more photography skills: My art school Photography class was a fluke since I knew I sucked and so did my teacher (it's a wonder I passed at all).  Whether I get a DSLR camera or not (so I don't have to use my iPhone for the WML photos anymore), I want to get my hands on more skills that should have paid attention to in art school.

  • Publish a novel: Besides all the crafty awesomeness I've always had and graphic design profession I've grown to love, writing is something I wish to turn into a career later on in life.  Hopefully by age 50 I have at least started the process of attempting to publish a novel of some sort.

  • Visit another country: I may have zig-zagged across the country as a child of a father who got bored of his job easily, but too bad he kept us in the states the whole time.  I have yet to need a passport but I want to get one soon and go on at least one out-of-country vacation by the time I'm 40.

  • Read all of Jane Austen's books: Just seeing the movies isn't enough for me anymore no matter how much I memorize the dialogue and think I understand what's going on.  I better have read at least half of them by the time I want to get a novel published or call me a failure as a writer.

  • Learn another language: At this point I'm hoping it's Spanish since my white girl self is a rarity in my particular neighborhood, but whatever language(s) I end up learning should be key in where I want to go out-of-country-vacation-wise.

What's on your bucket list?

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