August 1, 2013

My Kitchen

I think I'll do at least one more theme... My Kitchen, woo!

This month shows off the decorative elements of my widdle kitchen.  Marble countertops, a white fridge, and tile floors are just predictable and boring as all get out.  Spruce up the room with the most traffic (that may be a lie but there's FOOD in there) because... decor for every room, obviously.

Does your dining set express who you are?  What on earth do you do with a parasol when it's not shading you from the sun?  Is there an image you want as a fridge magnet but can't find a magnet of it anywhere?  I've got some ideas for ya!

I'll add details and links to this post later on in the month as usual, so stay tuned!

Finds & Treasures: Mod Dining Table & Chairs (August Kitchen Theme)
Tip #10: Hang Parasol In A Corner (August Kitchen Theme)
DIY Change-Out Magnet From Keychain (August Kitchen Theme)
Finds & Treasures: "Make Love, Not War" Sign (August Kitchen Theme)

LEFT: Reeces novelty mug (thrifted), change-out magnet (crafted), vintage cat magnets (ModCloth), green dry erase board (Target); MIDDLE: purple parasol (craft festival), giraffe frame (thrifted), rectangle mirror (thrifted and painted), framed patches display (crafted), Jimmy the Cat (adopted from family friend), dining set (thrifted and painted); RIGHT: orange flower decal set (Etsy), bead string (from my grandmother), "Make Love Not War" sign (craft festival), wooden carved spoon (from my grandmother), stone horses (Wyoming junk shop)

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