September 4, 2013

DIY Simple Crochet Chain Necklace

DIY Simple Crochet Chain Necklace via
I'm working on a granny square blanket, which means I have SO MUCH extra yarn I am swimming through.  There's always some excuse to create something new from yarn.  I usually make friendship bracelets but my jewelry box is overflowing, or braided headbands but I'm running out of display room.  What should I make instead?  Necklaces, of course!

Since my first ever crochet stitch, I've been obsessively pinning future projects on Pinterest.  These have inspired a super duper simple choker that is easily customizable depending on your preference.  I used a K hook with medium-thick cotton-based yarn and a button clasp.

To create this look, you'll need:
  • Crochet hook, any size
  • Yarn
  • Button or other jewelry fastener
  • Scissors
  • Lighter (optional)


1. Start a slip knot on your hook for the first chain of your necklace.  (I have a video below that taught me how to crochet - this entire playlist is a God send - so start watching from 1:56 to see how to create a slip knot.  If you're super new to crocheting, watch the entire thing because goes over every aspect of crocheting and explains it so well.)

2. Once you have your slip knot, chain as many loops as you wish for the length of the necklace (continue watching from 3:29 to see how to chain.)  This all depends on how long you want the necklace to be.  For a choker based on the size of my neck, I chained about 55 loops.  As you go along, periodically wrap this chain around your neck at the placement you want to make sure you've chained up enough loops.

3. At your last loop of this first chain, pull the loop open a bit and set the chain asside from your crochet hook.  Cut it away from your yarn ball leaving several inches of yarn hanging from the loop.  These chains should have the last loop hanging out on one side with extra yarn falling from it and a knot with extra yarn on the other side.

4. Start another chain and keep making as many chains as you want depending on how thick you want your choker or necklace to be.  I suggest adding a few chains to each one as you go along so it will rest nicely on your neck, but you can also keep all of your chains the same length.  I made 5 total chains, all totaling 55, 58, 61, 64, and 67 loops (adding three each time).

5. Hold up all your chains by the knotted side.  Tie all these together using one of the yarn strands or more than one.  Once your knot is snug, cut away ALL BUT TWO yarn strands.  If you're two or less chains for this project, don't cut anything away yet.

6. Hold up all your chains now by the loop side.  One by one, place one chain's loop over another and pull tight until you have one or two left over and tie off the access strands.  This will be the loop(s) used for a button clasp.  You can also tie off all the loops leaving only strands to connect a different fastener instead.

7. On the knotted side, add your button or other jewelry fastener (so if this isn't a button clasp work with the other side as well to finish off the necklace).  Leave some space between the chain knot and the button knots so the button can easily fit into the loop(s) from the other side. Test to make sure the button fits the loop from the other side and can easily be looped on without the necklace falling off your neck.

8. OPTIONAL: I used a lighter to burn the knots a little bit so they stay together since I suck at making knots that don't untie themselves after a while.  You don't have to do this since certain yarns smell HORRIBLE when burned, but mine didn't smell too bad.  The crispy edges can look ugly so make sure they're burned down enough to the knot and are not noticeable.

NOTE: The thickness of your yarn and size of your hook will determine the size of the loops.  Use a hook that matches the thickness of your yarn (the label usually mentions it), or go with something a little smaller to achieve the look of mine.  If you want the loops to be wider and more circular, try a large hook with thin yarn.  MIND YOUR TENSION, folks!  Not paying attention the tension of yarn as each loop is chained can make them all look crooked or lopsided and even twist your chain.  This is something that can't be fixed overnight so keep practicing.  This is the perfect project for first-time crocheters.

There's plenty of other ways to achieve something similar to this if you're not a fan of crocheting or maybe you want to spruce this necklace up a bit.  Use a standard braid or french braid for each chain instead for a tighter look.  Add charms or beads to your loops as you go.  Fancy up the necklace with a brooch or crochet flower to attach to it separately in the center or off to one side.  Go nuts!

Have you made any crochet chokers or necklaces you'd like to share?  Was this DIY helpful in learning how to crochet?  How do you use your extra yarn?  Let me know in the comments.

DIY Simple Crochet Chain Necklace via

DIY Simple Crochet Chain Necklace via

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  1. Ooh, what a cute idea! I need to get back to crocheting soon. It's getting to be scarf season!

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