September 25, 2013

Finds & Treasures: Vintage Beaded Clutches

Finds & Treasures: Vintage Beaded Clutches via
As a homebody with play-dates with my cat and blogs to post, I don't go out much.  (Shocking, yeah?)

But when I do - like the occasional date, semi-fancy party or special event - getting dolled up is just too much fun.  Break out the little black dress, heels (good lord, me in heels), and a clutch to match and all I have to do is my makeup which takes much longer than I'd like.

Two particular clutches have stayed with me for years and come from - where else - my hoarder of awesome grandmother.  No clue where these came from, but they're vintage for sure.  Fully beaded with a silk-like fabric inside surrounded by a stirdy metal frame, these babies have held up really well.  The details in the beading are extraordinary (see an image below) which adds elegance to any outfit.  I used the black one while attending my sister's bachelorette party in Tahoe a few months back, matching my maxi dress perfectly. 

Which clutch or bag is your favorite to use on a night out?  Let me know in the comments.

Finds & Treasures: Vintage Beaded Clutches via
Finds & Treasures: Vintage Beaded Clutches via
Check out the details!

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