September 2, 2013

List: What Mandy Loves Most About Autumn

List: What Mandy Loves Most About Autumn via
It's September already, ahh!  Break out the colored leaf decorations and the gourds because it's basically AUTUMN, y'all.  (Yeah yeah, it officially starts end of Sept., but do I care HECK NO.)  Here's a list of what I love most about this spectacular season.  What do you love most about fall / autumn / whatever you call it?
  • Leaves EVERYWHERE.  I'm not just talking about the fake leaf garland I hang on my window every autumn.  Now that I live in a place that seems to have more trees than people, I can thoroughly enjoy the falling leaves with the crunching sounds they make under my shoes, the colors they turn before and after they fall, and just... LEAVES!

  • The cooling temperatures.  Cuddling in blankets and sweaters inside when it's cold outside is just heavenly.  I'll even keep the heat down not just for cost reasons but BLANKET reasons!  And the jackets I can break out again now that I'll need 'em for my chilled body... and the SCARVES galore!  Get snugly, my friends.

  • Wearing layers.  Due to the cooler weather, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a tank top with a low-neck sweater, vest, scarf, and coat all at the same time because LAYERS!

  • The colors.  The browns, oranges, yellows, and reds from falling leaves and the seasonal gourds we consume just make me smile.  Wearing a dark orange shirt in spring feels gross with all the pastels around you, but in fall it's highly encouraged.

  • Rainy days.  Yeah yeah I know it can rain any time of the year and most of you get rain in the spring, but rainy days in the fall are the best.  Cuddling up in a blanket with some hot coco while listening and watching the rain fall outside your window is not complete if it's not a brisk fall afternoon.

  • Pumpkin anything.  Coffee houses start serving any variety of beverage or snack they can add pumpkin to.  The gourd themselves (are pumpkins gourds?) come out as decoration and later get carved for Halloween.  Pumpkin pie ingredients and freezer pie versions fly off the shelves.  My uncle breaks out his homemade pumpkin pie (and pecan pie) so the whole family stumbles over each other for a piece.  My mother makes her own version (aka the one listed on the pumpkin filling can), and it's just heavenly.

  • Thanksgiving.  Do I even need to mention the turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberries, yams and/or sweat potatoes, football, fat pants, family gatherings, cheesy turkey decorations, and leftovers for days and days?  Say no more, it's Thanks-Freaking-Giving.

  • School supplies galore.  I used to love fall solely because it meant school was starting and I could get NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  Now that I'm out of school, I still have the itch to go to an office supply store and pick up a few binders I no longer have use for or notebooks of paper that will late me decades.

  • My TV shows are back!  When staying home to watch a television broadcast is a more legit excuse to stay home than any other plans you could have made for yourself.  Even though I finally have DVR and can record any of my shows so I can do whatever the heck I want at night like I do when my shows aren't on, I'LL STILL WATCH 'EM LIVE because I CAN and I WILL, so there.  Mandy can't cut the cable chord just yet.

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