November 4, 2013

List: What Is Mandy Thankful For

Turkey Day is right around the corner, but I refuse to let Christmas get in my head yet.  It's November, people!  No matter how many Christmas songs  or holiday decorations come up in department stores after Halloween, this is still the season of orange leaves and pumpkin-flavored everything as far as I'm concerned.

In my autumny-harvesty mood for this month, here's what I'm thankful for:

    List: What Is Mandy Thankful for via
  • The amazing people in my life.  Whether I see you every day, a few times a week, occasionally, rarely, or not at all, thanks for believing in me.  Even those who don't believe in me including the ones who do shape me as the awesome person I hopefully appear to be.

  • Jimmy the cat.  My old fat fart of a feline (that's a lot of f's) brings me so much joy and love every day.  He's as stubborn, manipulative, and inconsiderate as any cat can be, but I wuv this widdle fatty anyway. (See how CUTE he is here in one of my earlier posts.)

  • A roof over my head.  This year has been the first where I've lived completely on my own without any roommates and any help from anybody to live solely independent and AH GOOD GOD do I love it so!  If I end up having to live with roommates again in the future, I'll miss the complete independence... but mostly the "pants optional" part of it.

  • The ability to do what I love.  How fortunate it is to discover what you're good at that is also your passion you can do every day for life and not consider one second of it to be work.  That's how I feel about my chosen field and what it took through schooling to become the awesome web designer lady I appear to be today.

  • My creativity.  Job aside, I guess I have my parents to thank / blame for my creativity that I embody every single day.  My dad is super artsy-fartsy (check out the table art he did for me!), and although my mom's talents are with stick figures more than any other art she has a huge appreciation for it.  I look around my studio apartment and see the color explosion that is my personality strewn about.  I dig through my brain and find insights on things others would not think to imagine.  I'm just a bag of interesting and that's awesome.

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