November 20, 2013

Tip #15: Turn Postcard Collection Into Wall Art

Tip #15: Turn Postcard Collection Into Wall Art via
Although I'm whiter than Wonder Bread, I grew up in places like Arizona, Wyoming, and Nevada where my dad embraced a lot of Native American culture, fashion, and art.  He had his Mountain Man days (now a Burner mostly) camping with friends living off the land.  My parents and I went camping with a tipi.  Dress-up as kids involved my sister and I dressing like little Indians with fake knives and moccasins.  The animated movie Rango is so nostalgic to me.  So it's no surprise I find something special in this Hopi Kachinas postcard collection I found - where else - while thrifting.  I wanted to keep them to display instead of send them in the mail to people or hide them in a box, so how do I show these off?  My apartment lacked any Native American visuals in comparison to how I grew up, so...

Display a collection of interesting postcards on a wall as a collection for accent art.

This wasn't totally my idea though.  A friend of mine has a giant wall of Disney and Pixar postcards from multiple packs of sketches and stills from movies and other cartoon specials.  The large wall opposite the front door greats you to colorful designs and loveable characters.  Postcards nowadays are rarely used for their original purpose, more for collecting, but they are excellent as mini posters as a collection for wall art.

How do you show off your postcard collection(s)?  What kind of postcards do you have and where did you get them?  Do you still send them as snail mail?  Let me know in the comments.

Tip #15: Turn Postcard Collection Into Wall Art via www.whatmandydoes.comTip #15: Turn Postcard Collection Into Wall Art via

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