December 2, 2013

List: What Mandy Wants For Christmas / See ya later

Can you believe it's that holiday, fun-time of year again?  Neither can I!  I was SUPPOSED to be going nuts over decorations by now but sadly I am in the middle of moving to a new place (for the second December in a row).  This year's festivities are going to be rushed and dumbed-down once again with all the move headaches in the forefront, so my wish list this year is short and sweet.  Here's what I want for Christmas:

  • Sleep.  Packing, box moving, constant driving back and forth, and funiture moving is taking its tole.  Bags under my eyes feel larger than grocery bags due to the lack of sleep from stress and time-consuming moving tasks.  Just give me a pillow and twelve or so hours and I may feel less manic.  Christmas day shall be a day of naps in front of the TV while watching the Christmas Story marathon.

  • Money.  My poor wallet was not prepared for a layoff and a move within a few months of each other.  My professional driver job gives me some hours but when I'm not driving or moving my junk I'm spending money FOR the driving and the junk to get it moved.  If I get any gifts at all this year, feeding my wallet will be most beneficial.  Trading in gifts for cash would be crass so I hope to not stoop to THAT level of poor this year.

  • A job.  If there's technicalities involved, I'm technically underemployed and underwhelmed but at least the government doesn't consider me a bum just yet.  With the move taking up all the job-applying-time and the holidays delaying replies and limiting job posts, this is the worst time to NOT have the job you used to have.  Christmas Day will not be a day I get the phone call for my dream job obviously, but if it happens anyway then miracles do exist!

  • JUST TO BE DONE MOVING.  ASAP.  This BETTER be the last holiday season that I have to move.  Unpacking everything and being done before I leave for Nevada for Christmas would be glorious.  Oh so glorious.  Waking up on Christmas Day knowing I can come home to a fully-unpacked home will make all the stress and anxiety worth another wimpy holiday.

(See ya later, lovelies!  Due to my manic moving and stress and work and blah blah blah I feel it's best to take this month off for What Mandy Loves posts, i.e. the rest of the year.  Quality is better than quantity always and forever, so attempting to post any of my usual stuff - or in this month's case Christmas-themed stuff I now can't do - would be poorly done, rushed, and most likely late.  I'm doing this for you wonderful followers who deserve my best, so I'll see ya next year and hope your holidays turn out lovely.)

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