January 1, 2014

From Birth To Childhood

What Mandy Loves: Themed Month - From Birth To Childhood via whatmandyloves.com
Am I strange to keep so many sentimental items?  It seems like parents keep all of the junk that matters to them from when their babies were babies because you as the not-so-baby has no use for these items.  Not to me!  I might have stolen some of the below from home, but my parents don't seem to care.  Do I feel awesome having access to these things as an adult?  Heck yes!

This month's theme is going out to the bunch of Finds & Treasure I have collected from birth to childhood.  All but one were gifts from my parents, family, or friends of our family.

Stay tuned as I'm posting one of them today (hey there Wednesday, double posting time) and the rest as the month goes on:

Finds & Treasures: Rocking Horse Plate (January Childhood Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Ranger Bears Baby Blanket (January Childhood Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Kitty Stuffed Animals (January Childhood Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Merry Go 'Round Tin (January Childhood Theme)
Finds & Treasures: Mandy Pencil Pouch (January Childhood Theme)

P.S: Bear with me as I attempt to find the best lighting in my new place.  I have a 20-foot ceiling with high-up windows in my bedroom and a bunch of emptiness downstairs in the living room, so I'm in experimentation mode for now.

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