March 5, 2014

Finds & Treasures: Fool's Gold Rock

Finds & Treasures: Fool's Gold Rock via
I vaguely remember a middle school field trip to Virginity City, NV, a place where the wild west was only a twenty-minute drive.  A friend of mine (and proven later to be a disastrous crush) was in our class with me and tagged along as I browsed gift shops and gawked over the shiny things in the windows.  He ran off for a bit and met back up with me on the bus back to school.  Before we left the class that day, he gave me this little rock he ran off earlier in the day to buy.

About the size of a brussel sprout, it's smooth and jagged, shiny and cloudy all at once, with bits of fool's gold peeking out of tiny craters in the rock.  It was a little bit of everything, something that felt like me represented in rock.  Boy done good, yes he did.

Looking back now, I can't remember if it was something I pointed at earlier in the day or if he just thought of me when he saw it, but it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for my middle school self.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my fool's gold rock via
Tried to get the sunshine in there to make the gold bits sparkle!
Even though his presence in my life came and went, I still have this rock.  From the gift exchange to today, I have kept this little reminder of a sweet boy's gesture in my wallet or purse for safe keeping.  My silly logic decrees that if I leave the house with my purse and everything else in my house gets lost in a fire or something, I would still have this little memory token at the least as a piece of my past that survived.

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