March 3, 2014

List: What Mandy Does To Stay Happy

List: What Mandy Does To Stay Happy via
Anybody going through an awkward life in-limbo situation like I am - job hunting, just moved to a new place, do I want to keep my God awful natural hair color or dye it like usual, etc etc - knows it's hard to stay positive in times of change.  Here's some of the things I do to make sure I'm not always down in the dumps:

  • I stick with my friends.  The extravert in me needs occasional social time with my friends and at least stay in contact with family no matter how pleasant alone-time can be.

  • I keep up with hobbies. Having something completely and totally mine - from crafting to blogging to writing - gives me a purpose outside of doing work things for money or livelihood or... whatever.  My reason to breathe is partly due to the creativity my hobbies bring to my world.  Hobbies are awesome!

  • I (attempt to) get enough sleep.  Those four-to-six-hour nights of shut-eye from the college days are far behind me now.  At LEAST seven, but basically eight are needed for this gal to function in a non-cranky way.  Oh bed, how I love you.

  • I hold on to hope any way I can.  Hoping for ANYTHING at all - even if it turns out to be false hope later - lifts my spirits in that moment.  I'll hope for my football team to win, or that a certain TV character lives happily ever after, or that the next day will be more productive than my current lazy one, etc.  The little hopes help the happy, people!

  • I listen to music.  There's always a few tracks on my Pandora or iPod that'll take me to Happy Land.  This may also lead to some disturbing attempts at dancing that would only be enjoyed by me.

  • I laugh whenever possible.  Yet will I get tired of my own laughter.  I laugh at/with myself mostly, but enjoying life has always been about not taking it too seriously.  Find the funny and life is hilarious.

  • I spread the happy to others.  When I can make others happy in some way I'm making myself happy, whether it's a surprise phone call or a thoughtful gesture for no reason or giving thanks during situations where most don't think to do so.  Giving leads to receiving or whatever in this case!

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