March 12, 2014

Tip #18: Give Yarn Scraps to the Birds

Lovely Tip #18: Give Yarn Scraps to the Birds via
I may have a yarn hoarding problem.  If I didn't have a cat who decided all strings of any sort are his to destroy, I would probably have yarn all over the apartment.

My yarn and string scrap pile is full of longer pieces thrown in with the rest of the yarn balls, but I've been saving a bag full of yarn scraps of only a few inches long per scrap for at least a year now.  What would I use these bits for?  Probably nothing, I've decided.  I felt bad throwing away this collection of scraps all at once, so what I did I do with them instead the other day?

Gather yarn scraps outside for the birds to use in their nests this spring!

I found a little novelty bird cage at Michaels in the Easter section last year but I haven't found a use for its cuteness until this idea came to mind.  After picking out the scraps that are too short (don't want any baby birds choking on them) and too long (cutting them down to size), I had just enough to stuff the little cage the size of a softball.  I pulled some strings out all around the cage and viola!  You're welcome, birds.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my yarn scrap solution for the birds via
My yarn scraps on my balcony table, ready for the birds (seed to draw them to the table not in the shot).

Note: Be wary of weather conditions leaving this outside.  I live in a mostly sunny area with minimal windstorms and rains so I'm able to keep this out more often than not for the next couple months.  Also, you'll see more birds reaching for the scraps if you also have bird seed around to draw them in.

Have you left any items out for birds before?  Have you seen a birds nest with colorful accents like string or yarn?  Let me know in the comments!

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