March 26, 2014

Tip #19: Clothespins For Yarn Storage

Lovely Tip #19: Clothespins For Yarn Storage via
This is my third tip about yarn, guys.  I'm seeing a pattern here...

Two weeks ago, I gave a tip on yarn scraps to give the small bits to the birds.  For the longer pieces (which can / have been used for chord wrapping in the tip post from last month), I eluded to those scraps being stored separately with the rest of my yarn, but how do I do that exactly?

Store longer yarn scraps around a clothespin.

There's not much to it, just clip one end of the scrap into the clothespin mouth and wrap the rest of the scrap around the body of the pin.  Clip the remaining loose end inside the clothespin mouth if available (some of mine are a bit fat with yarn and can't open any more).

Clothespins have so many nifty uses, and come in bulk bags at craft stores for cheap.  I mostly use these for scrap yarns at the end of a ball that gets too small, or for specific sized yarn scraps for multi-colored projects.  AND I can clip a clothespins to a surface and unravel the yarn faster than a tiny ball of yarn that rolls away from me.

What Mandy Loves: Image of some of yarn scraps wrapped around clothespins via
Some of my  yarn scraps wrapped around clothespins.

How do you store your yarn scraps?  Let me know in the comments!

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