April 7, 2014

List: Mandy's Fave Springtime Activities

List: Mandy's Fave Springtime Activities via www.whatmandyloves.com
Spring used to be that rushed in-between stage for me between the glorious homework-ended time of summer and mucky coldness of winter.  Since my schooling is done for now and I'm finally south of most muggy fogginess  where I can actually enjoy some stereotypical weather (yay South Bay), here's some springtime awesomeness I can't wait to get to:

  • Dancing / singing / splashing / etc in the rain.  Basically anything under a leaking cloud is fine by me.  Where's my umbrella?

  • "Wake up to smell the roses."  Flowers.  Everywhere.  Oh the scents in my nose and the patterns on my clothes, I'm comin' for ya!

  • Soakin' up the sun.  (OK fine, the sun's out all the time here, but STILL!  Springtime sun's gotta feel different, right?)  My vampire skin could use some springtime glow.

  • Books, books, books.  For some reason, spring has always been the perfect book-reading season to me.  It's not too hot to curl up in a blanket or too cold to sit out on the balcony with said blanket and a book and the sun beating down... oh yes.  And the aforementioned rain really brings out perfect cozy reading moments.

  • Breakin' out the lighter/brighter clothing.  Skirts, shorts, dresses, bright colors, it's gonna get FANCY up in here!  Jeans?  Boots?  Jackets?  Worn in limited supply for this season, that's for sure.

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