May 14, 2014

Tip #22: Room Divider Against The Wall

Lovely Tip #22: Room Divider Against The Wall via
My favorite number!  By proxy, it must be my favorite tip, right?  It's up there.

This room divider (DIY'd into cuteness) has been a versatile piece in each apartment I've lived in.  I used it to separate my bed and the kitchen in a one bedroom I shared with two roommates.  My last place was a tiny studio that needed this divider to hide Jimmy's litter box.  My current place lets me hide the litter box in the bathroom, attached to my own separate bedroom away from the kitchen.  What am I to do with this divider now, I thought when I moved in.  I don't need it to divide or hide anything.

Rest a room divider against a wall, or hang it up with adhesive strips, for decoration in a rental.

The twenty foot ceiling in my bedroom makes all of my furniture pieces seem smaller or shorter than they really are because my room is taller than it is wide.  Setting this divider up behind my entertainment corner centers these items out and brings a decor focus to an otherwise black square cornered against a super tall wall.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my TV and entertainment center with the three pane room divider behind it via
My room divider is taking a break from dividing in my new place, centered behind my TV unit.
Who knows what problems I'll have in the next place - apartment hopping in the bay is inevitable until I win the lottery.  This divider is fine for now, but I've been toying with DIYing it up again by tearing the mesh out and attaching sheets of cork behind the base wood.  Maybe a bulletin board divider would be possible in another place, or I could need it to divide yet again.

How do you use a room divider in your space?  Do you like my bulletin board idea and want to see me try it?  Let me know in the comments!

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