May 28, 2014

Tip #23: Display A Physical Music Collection On The Wall

Lovely Tip #23: Display A Physical Music Collection On The Wall via
Streaming services for music and movies are turning our physical collections into... well, clutter.  No longer are the days where we need to have the item in our home to access it.  I've been minimizing a lot of my digital clutter in its physical forms (bye bye CD collection I slaved over in high school), but I can't seem to part with my glorious cassette tapes just yet.  BUT I know myself, and I'm mostly keeping them just to look at them.  This is what I did with the tapes to save some storage space:

Show off your physical collection of music (cassettes, vinyl, CDs, etc) by displaying it all on your wall with adhesive strips, hooks, or special frames.

This cassette collection has been a labor of love of over ten years and multiple thrifting trips.  I have two Walkmen I can still play them on from time to time, but with all of these available to stream i, doesn't happen much.  Sadly my VW Beatle with the built-in tape player is no longer around for me to take any of these tapes along for road trips.  (I used to keep my collection in my car because of this.)

I'm keeping my tapes up on my wall above my desk to not only save space in an unseen drawer but to show off my love for music as an ode to the artists of a time gone by.  Most of these records came out before or around the year I was born - when cassette tapes were the norm, mind you.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my cassette tape collection on the wall via
I used adhesive velcro tape on the back of each plastic tape case so I could still get to the tapes inside.
(Fun fact: Notice that Boston vinyl?  My uncle designed that album cover!  Super cool.)

How do you display your music collection?  Do you still own cassette tapes?  Let me know in the comments!

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