June 18, 2014

Finds & Treasures: Mutemath Bumper Sticker

Finds & Treasures: Mutemath Bumper Sticker via www.whatmandyloves.com
The greatest band in the history of forever, in my humble opinion, would have to be Mutemath (or MUTEMATH, MuteMath, whichever way you fancy).  I will buy almost anything with their name on it and any piece of music they are involved in.  As soon as I can afford it / find the opportunity, I plan to see these guys multiple times in concert and get tattoos in reference to them.  So yeah, they're a big deal.  My only exception to every rule, I say.

The Odd Soul tour of 2012 was the first time I saw them live (and BOY WAS IT GREAT).  Their merch table was mauled by yours truely for posters, shirts, pins, anything I could get my hands on - rent money, be damned - so this bumper sticker was an obvious grab during the mauling.  I didn't know where I would stick it at the time, but I didn't care I NEEDED IT.  Then when I got my new car a year and a half later, it was clear I finally found a home for the sticker.  The last place in my life I had available to represent Mutemath in all its glory was my car!  It was meant to be.

The six by four ish oval sticker is a conversation starter when I give rides for Lyft.  It spreads the word for me when my car's butt is visible to the public, and it brings me all the joy and feels when I see it there rounding my car to the driver's door.  Basically, my car is 1000% better with it on and will stay there until I and/or the car dies.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my Mutemath bumper sticker on my car via www.whatmandyloves.com
I hope at least a few people have Googled what Mutemath is because of this sticker.  Hoping!
Do you have any bumper stickers?  Who is your favorite / greatest band in the history of forever?  Let me know in the comments!

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