June 2, 2014

List: What Mandy Loves About Lyft-ing

List: What Mandy Loves About Lyft-ing via whatmandyloves.com
Nine months ago, I was thinking about driving for Lyft part-time to get myself out of the house every once in a while.  I had recently purchased a new car, my homebody-ness was a bit excessive, and I was speaking to my cat more than my co-workers, so it was an excellent time for a change.

Turns out, my life would change more drastically than I expected once my driver application went through.  I have some depressing details sprinkled all over this and my What Mandy Thinks blog if you truly care to read my misery, but long story short I'm lucky to be where I am now.

Since my first day, it's been an absolute blast (when I'm in a people person mood, that is).  Here's what I've come to love about it:

  • Meeting all the cool people.  Passengers, Lyft Corp employees, and fellow drivers alike have all been fabulous!  The drivers have a comradery I haven't been part of since college with my peer mentors.  Passengers know what's up, too with a bunch of regulars who enjoy every ride like we're the best of friends.  Everybody's been so nice and friendly and helpful.  Hopefully I've made some long-lasting friends because y'all are awesome! 

  • Getting noticed for the 'stache.  I keep it on most of the time due to laziness and parking in fairly secure places (I am NOT jinxing my stache getting stolen, I am NOT), so the pink fuzz on my car gets a lot of double-takers and finger-pointers in a city of close to one million residents.  As the daughter of a man with a camouflage painted van, I'm used to the "auto-matic" attention on the road with an unusual car.  (Must pause over that pun... hehe.)  Besides, it's free advertising in a new-ish Lyft market keeping that thing strapped on.  Might as well let the fur fly while I'm on and off the clock to get as many looks, smiles, and points as possible.

  • Lyft saved my life!  Quite literally, I would been on the streets or couch surfing (or worse: back with my parents... yeesh) if the timing of it all wasn't so perfect.  I apply as a driver one day, get laid off from my full-time job the next, and a week later I'm full-time lyft-ing to make rent while searching for another 'real job' (which I found six months later).  It's amazing how it all turned out and how easy it is to jump right into lyft whether it's intended as a hobby or your livelihood.

  • There are themed cars!  Whether it's to express your creative self just because its fun or to stand out as exceptional to passengers, drivers can choose a theme if they wish, and I love seeing them all!  Mine happens to be - oh, how obvious - GiraffeLyft!  I love hearing stories about other themes and how passengers realize they rode with me before based on the recognizable giraffe explosion that is my car.

  •  It's crazy flexible!  You can reject riders if you want.  You can drive whenever you want, up to 12 hours a day with an eight hour break between.  You can take a few days or a few months off whenever you want and that's no big deal.  Hooray, contract benefits!

  • It doesn't feel like work.  Getting paid to hang out with a bunch of cool people while getting to know my way around?  Yes, please.  I now drive just enough to make my car payments every month, but any more or less in hours depend on my mood that day.

AAAANNDD... as a shameless advertising ploy to extract money out y'all / reel you in to "the Pink Side," here's a link to get started as a driver with my coupon code included.  If you wanna be a driver, I can be your reference (wink wink, hip bump) and we can both get extra cash MONEY.

Or you can just use my "MANDY206" code as a first-time passenger to get free rides (only works if you've never touched the Request Lyft button so be careful not to butt-request).

Win-win?  Yep yep.  At least check out Lyft if you've never heard of it before: www.lyft.com

Psst: Not getting paid to say any of this, so hope you enjoyed my personal opinion unsolicited. :)

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