July 7, 2014

List: What Mandy Loves About Giraffes

List: What Mandy Loves About Giraffes via www.whatmandyloves.com
How many times have I mentioned that I love giraffes?  My Lyft car's theme is GiraffeLyft, for crying out loud!  If this list doesn't stuff my giraffe love down your throat, you're gonna CHOKE on this month's topic theme.  You've been warned.

To prepare yourself, here's a list of why these long-legged beauties are my fave:

  • They're TALL!  Even the babies make me feel like a shorty.  Anybody or anything that makes me feel like a shorty is okie dokie in my book.
  • They've got long, silly tongues.  Because of course they do.
  • Their long limbs make me feel less awkward.  Just search for "galloping giraffes" videos and get sucked in an Internet hole of adorable clumsiness for minutes on end.
  • They always have judgmental "resting bitch face," and I respect that.
  • I have easy access to the real thing at zoos.  Score!  Instead of planning a safari visit or something that requires a passport and a few shots, I can just hop on over to the closest zoo.  When I lived near San Francisco, their particular zoo layout was perfect.  I'd go up to the SF Zoo and not even enter.  Why?  The giraffe enclosure was RIGHT NEXT to the ticket line.  Why on Earth would I spend money to view them if they're easily visible from the parking lot?  (Ok, fine I'd pay to go in and witness close-up feedings, but THAT'S ABOUT IT.)
  • Merchandise!  Their print is all over my past and present stuff.  Giraffe-print purses, clothing, steering wheel cozies, you name it I have or had it.  And don't get me started on how many giraffe stuffed animals I have (it's in the dozens).

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