August 13, 2014

Tip #25: Makeup Bags Into Wall Art (Ipsy Glam Bag Hack #1)

Lovely Tip #25: Makeup Bags Into Wall Art (Ipsy Glam Bag Hack #1) via
I used to subscribe to a monthly makeup service Ipsy.  (Not a sponsor, just an awesome company.)  They ship you sample and travel size beauty and makeup products each month in a *glam bag* - or never-ending small chunks of fabric and zippers that keep piling up under my bathroom sink.  I reuse a few of them, but I'm left so many little bags I never use!  How did I declutter them / find a purpose for them all?

Fit the fabric from unused makeup bags into embroidery hoops as a stand-alone or complimentary wall art collection.  They can fit into tiny frames, too.

The massive twenty-foot ceiling in my bedroom has turned into a wooden loom wall extravaganza (which you can see more of in this Up To).  Each loom is filled with fabrics and patterns of things I enjoy.  The small bags worked great in smaller looms to fill in gaps around the larger ones on the wall.

What Mandy Loves: Image of a collection of embroidery hoops with fabric from makeup bags via

How do you repurpose your Ipsy glam bags?  Do you have any unique wall art using scrap fabrics?  Let me know in the comments!

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