September 1, 2014

List: What Is Mandy Up To (September 2014)

List: What Is Mandy Up To (September 2014) via
Let's just say I'm struggling for content today and just wanna do an Up To post again.  Yeah, that's what's up.  Here's what's also up currently:

  • Obsession: Gym-ing it up.  I did a three-month gym stint in spring when I started my new job, but working out fell off the wayside to lazy summer nothingness and vacations stopping the three-days-a-week sweating.  Now I'm BACK and more motivated than ever after gaining the pounds I lost back in May.  To mimic my intentions in gym-ratting, I'm not trying to bulk up or lose a bunch of weight.  Only to "get healthier" somehow and not find myself on my butt all week.  Next is a healthier diet, but I'd rather... not.
  • Joy: A new collection!  I'm snooping through thrift stores for white, ceramic pieces with colorful flowers and gold trim accents.  I only have a pot, soap dish, multi-tray dish, and saucer so far.  I see the flat pieces looking great scattered on my bathroom wall.  They're just so classy and gorgeous!
  • Read: I've been escaping from life with some down-right raunchy, sexy romances (the ones that leave it ALL up to the imagination).  Judge all you want but GOOD LORD these are good.  Ever heard of Jay freakin' Cornover?  She's slowly torturing me with a series that I'm just catching up to but just won't finish up until next year.  (I may have read three or four of 'em in a week or two...)  I need to slow down on that Marked Men series of hers or I'll be tortured even more with the long delays between releases.  I do see another series has popped up, so there's more of what NOT to do instead of sleeping but do I listen?  Nope.
  • Worry: Money, money, money, what else.  I rant more about it on my Thinks blog, but let's just say my dream of a Creative Writing certificate degree could possibly be only that: a dream.  BUT no more of that, this is a LOVES blog and I do not love talking about money.
  • Hope: my new office space will be fabulous.  My cube shown in my office life list will be no more as us 4th-floor folks join the 1st floor Sales guys to be all one big happy family.  Our move-in date is set for next Monday and I'M EXCITED.  (I'm least excited about being ripped away from the 4th-floor view though.)
  • Update: New (home) desk setup coming soon!  I plan to sell some furniture for some extra cash, and that includes my green IKEA desk setup.  My dining set where I take a lot of my photos for this site (that orange flower's everywhere, ain't it?) will become my desk until my next move to save space.  The plaaaaannsssss (read this with an Egor-to-Frankenstein type voice) are developing, master!  Cross your fingers this new feng-shui-ness will add some new inspirations in productivity as well.

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