November 3, 2014

List: What Mandy Does Instead of Spending Money

List: What Mandy Does Instead of Spending Money via
Although I am in the top 5% salary earners in the world making more than $50K a year (isn't that just sad?), I am poorer than dirt for my lifestyle and location choices.  Don't let me spend any money around you because I probably can't afford whatever I'm buying, and that needs to stop.

That's what this list is for: writing out free-ish entertainment options so I'm not tempted to spend and spend.  Since I need to accept the fact that I'll be this poor for a while (all extra cash to debts), here's those free-ish entertainment options I can't stray away from:

  • Blog!  Writing some posts for y'all is free and freeing.  I use the free and easy Blogger to show you all this blog stuff, I use my phone to take pics (for now), and I bought my photo editing software years ago (probably need an update soon), if you want get all specific about it.  My time may be the biggest price, poor me.
  • Window shop.  I may not have "blow money" to spend at thrift stores anymore, but I'm still out and about on weekends torturing myself with looking at stuff I can't buy.  It's more of a way to get out of the house and "find inspiration, not stuff" around errands for things I need to survive like that pesky food.
  • Work to make extra money.  There's the full-time office job to pay for the main stuff, but I can't do more than side stuff around it.  I clean a friend's house a few times a month because she's lazy and I'm a clean freak so win-win.  I'm still driving for Lyft on occasion and pick up a freelance gig or two for web and graphic design, but I hope to get a basic, nights-and-weekends second job next year to keep the tax man and my wallet happy.
  • Be crafty with what I have through fun craft stuff and/or re-purposing.  A bin full of yarn in my closet mocks me for wanting to purchase a cozy hat when I could just make it myself.  I've started another blanket project, make garlands for my desk at work, etc.
  • Novel-ing.  Sure I'll need the Internets for research and books / TV for inspiration and such, but searching my brain for plot points and witty dialog for my own stories is cheaper than a DVD rental or book on my shelf that I won't end up reading.  (That reminds me, I should get a library card...)
  • Laze around "doing nothing."  Extra sleeping, listening to music or reading in bed, or just staring at the ceiling contemplating life.  Video games aren't my thing, so catching up on my DVR or watching a movie I own from bed is also an option with my TV across from it.  Can't spend money if I won't let myself out of bed, right?
  • Gym it up.  Thanks, apartment complex!  I'm paying for you with rent, and my sweat.
  • Take a walk.  Or purposely walk somewhere instead of drive.  Or pace around my living room as a wait for the water in the pitcher to filter.  The third option happens most often.
  • Waste time with friends indoors, like TALKING and stuff.  Or they pay my way into something fun outside, which I try to avoid at all costs (pun intended).

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