November 19, 2014

Tip #29: Zipper Pulls as Jewelry Charms (Ipsy Glam Bag Hack #2)

Lovely Tip #29: Zipper Pulls as Jewelry Charms (Ipsy Glam Bag Hack #2) via
Ladies with loud, dangly jewelry have always fascinated me.  The more noise you made with your jewelry, the fancier you were in Kid Mandy's eyes.  My grandma had tubs full of vintage and costume jewelry that my sister and I would have so much fun with during our visits.  The louder, the better!

The pile of Ipsy bags I use in my ever-growing loom wall art piece had zippers left over that were mostly useless to me until I lightbulbed - sure, that's a word - coming across my rarely used charm bracelet in a drawer:

Collect some vintage / colorful zipper pulls and attach them to chain bracelets or necklaces as charms.

Check this out, my charmless charm bracelet finally got some love with this little makeover!  I had metal jewelry rings lying around and a little plastic baggy full of interesting zipper pulls - since tossing anything I could use for later is sacrilegious - and thought WHY NOT, make a rainbow bracelet.  When I wear it, I feel fancy as can be with the clanky-clank-clanks of the charms.

What Mandy Loves: Image of my charm bracelet with Ipsy glam bag zippers via
What a cute way to reuse these colorful zipper pulls!  Ignore that the font is in different directions - nobody's gonna notice that.

Have you repurposed zipper pulls in unique ways?  What have you used as charms for your jewelry?  Let me know in the comments!

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