February 2, 2015

List: What Is Mandy Up To (February 2015)

List: What Is Mandy Up To (February 2015) via www.whatmandyloves.com
Happy Month of Love to you all!  Valentine's Day is coming up, which means I will be avoiding the subject once again to an Up To post.  Smooth...

In a stunning turn of events, my life hasn't changed much since the last Up To blog.  Work is busier, the cat is still obnoxiously adorable, and I'm still not an aunt (thankfully).  I am however in a better place money-wise!  Just keep reading and I'll explain.

  • Obsession: The color "Kelly green!"  Somehow this color has seeped into my subconsciousness as deeply as lavender, my usual go-to color, and it's everywhere.  Over the past few months, I've acquired a new purse, yarn, and clothing all in the same color to the point where I may have one of everything in this color if I don't exercise some self-control.  It's not even March yet, but I'm ready for St Patty's for sure.

  • Worry: that I'm in over my head at my job.  The past few months have been crazy while we're redoing our business strategy and marketing.  Incoming new responsibilities and shutting down my old ones that showed how successful I've been thus far is weighing on me, but I'm hanging in there.  All should be well in the next few months when things calm down.  (Crossing fingers and simultaneously laughing like a silly person because PROBABLY NOT.)

  • Hope: I can get my motivation back.  I've been in a bit of a personal slump with the stress of work bleeding into my life outside the office.  My blogs are part of this slump.  GET BACK AT IT, GIRL.  YOU CAN DO IT.

  • Update: This time last year I mentioned I'm continuing my loom wall up to my 20 ft ceiling of my new bedroom, now I'm excited to reveal IT'S DONE!  All 20ft excluding where my bed backs up to the wall is filled, as you can see in the post's picture above.  I'll have a full blog post about it at some point to update my original DIY from all the way back in 2013, so stay tuned.

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