March 2, 2015

List: What Mandy Loves About Rain

What Mandy Loves List: What Mandy Loves About Rain
My office has a long stretch of windows behind my desk that overlook a tree-lined, man-made walk and bike trail.. (This is Silicon Valley after all.)  Since I have to use a mirror to reflect nature for my own personal view behind me, I find it crucial to take occasional walks outside for some fresh air.  (Also, desk life can get dull for a creative soul).

Today, however, is the best day to do so because it's raining BUT - as if by osmosis or the universe giving me a little nugget of suffrage - I was forced to cancel the walk and miss being out in the rain before it cleared up later in the day.

To mourn the loss of my rainy walk opportunity with no foreseen redo, I scrapped my initial idea for this month's list post to cope.  Behold are my list items of reasons why I love this giver of life and water and awesomeness known to the masses as RAIN:

  • It's PERFECT get-cozy-inside-with-a-blanket-and-a-good-book weather.  Usually, I'm a hater of things dark, gloomy, and quiet, but add moisture from the sky and I'm on board.  Plus snuggles near the window with those little square imagination factories and nature as my backtrack.

  • Everything is green afterwards, as if those grassy hills around my house are smiling.  Mother Nature is sustaining us with life, yo.  RESPECT IT.

  • The sounds.  This is literally my favorite sound, hearing raindrops fall on a roof or car windshield or through trees or ANYWHERE basically.  Thunderstorms?  Even better!  Go ahead and rumble-rumble-rumble with all the pitter-patter.  The more the merrier.

  • The smells.  If there is a perfume or candle manufacturer out there who has perfected the smell of rain (preferably petrichor in a forest or something nature-themed, not just asphalt) that I can extend into my life at my whimsy, shut up and take my money.

  • The gear.  The only excuse to use an umbrella and wear those ridiculously ugly plastic boots is when it's raining.

  • The debate.  For some reason, I meet more people around me who hate the rain more than those who enjoy it and that is not acceptable.  Having the opposite opinion expelled in the most obnoxious way feels oh so satisfying.  "What?  You HATE the rain?  What's there to hate?  It's AMAZING."

  • The schadenfreude in people-watching those who were ill-prepared for the weather.  Running inside with your bag over your head?  Hilarious to this chick with the massive umbrella always within arms reach.

  • Um, hello - puddle splashing?  Yeah, you know you love it.

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