May 4, 2015

List: 10 MORE Things You Don't Know About Mandy

List: 10 MORE Things You Don't Know About Mandy via
Back in 2013, I did a tag post for "10 Things You Don't Know About Me" and it was a blast.  Now I'm here to add 10 more just because:

  1. My heritage.  SURPRISE I'm white, but how white?  I'm one-forth Croatian from my dad's side, the biggest piece of my pie.  The other three-quarters of me stacks up to 1/8th Polish from the dad side and 1/16ths of a bunch of white, European guys from mostly the mom side.  (And a random 1/16th Native American, apparently?  Yes.)

  2. I'm a book-thrower.  If I'm reading a particularly excellent and/or frustrating story, I've been known to throw it across the room or at least across the bed with a reflexive vigor a reader should not have.  Since invention of the Kindle however I've been careful about how / if I toss the thing.  Taking books to the gym is also risky business as I don't want to trample or suck the book into whatever machine I'm on and, ya know, acting like a crazy person.

  3. I hit 6'1" at twelve years old.  Still in middle school and getting mistaken for a high school and/or college student; just the life of an overly-stretched preteen desperate for gravity to kick in.

  4. My first job was at a Chinese food buffet at sixteen.  I was a cashier / anything else needed done besides cooking when the place was slow, which was always.  Most of my time at Caie's Oriental CafĂ© was spent mopping clean floors, re-stacking napkins, and eating my weight custard buns out of my paycheck.  I lasted six months before finding another job, which was perfect timing because the place closed for business shortly after.

  5. I put my ears through a lot as a child.  My pierced ears only lasted as long as the swelling did with metal allergies, at least three ear infections that I know of happened, and I popped my left ear drumb in a freak tree-limb accident in a neighbors yard.  I was under the tree chasing a cat (because COME BACK KITTY, I WANT TO LOVE YOUUU), and just kept on running until I was back home screaming because my ear went WHOOOOSHHHH out of nowhere.

  6. I have some weird allergies like nickel, copper, latex, and a few undetermined food ones that my allergist denies I have but my paranoid self has determined I have otherwise.

  7. I'm a "maggot" listener of a Sacramento-based radio show.   I was exposed to these lovely people in high school through a rock station in Reno, and have been listening daily for over seven years now.  I even pay for a yearly membership to get access to the full show's audio files and exclusive content to listen whenever I want in the office, commuting, or at home with no radio needed away from Sac-town.  (Just listen and thank me later.)

  8. I only have an Imgur account for the humor inspiration I find in all the post's comments and the ability to save posts to view for later.  There's so much material in there I've been able to use for various novel-related dialog and just life in general.  You Imgurians are downright hilarious, says this lurker.

  9. My first ever concert / show of a band/singer was not the best choice: Hilary Duff when I was 13.  I blame my sister for this misstep, since it was her that lead my mother and I to the Reno Events Center for hours of girly ridiculousness for her benefit.  I was able to go to Maroon 5 a few years later, so that's more like it.  Adam Levine up close.... oh yum.

  10. As a rock fan who is also a fan of a lot of other genres, I'm actually fine with Nickelback.  I know.  It's a tough thing to admit, but I can't help liking about half of their songbook and tolerating the rest if it's on.  They're a guilty pleasure, what can I say.

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