June 1, 2015

List: What Mandy Loves About Summer

Image of my friends in a lake for list post What Mandy Loves About Summer
My favorite season is now and always will be summer.  My school-aged-naive-self made it seem like fall / autumn / whatever was my favorite solely for new school supply shopping, but I've come to realize my true love of heat and sun and will never look back!  My pale skin may protest, but the inventor of sunblock is my best friend.

To honor the best season ever invented, I'm looking forward to:

  • Showing some skin.  I'm getting more in the habit of wearing dresses, but the shorts, jumpers, and rompers in my closet are reserved for the summer months.  My legs are my favorite part of this amazon body to show off (when they're shaved, that is), so baring it all without shivering is the best.  I'm also going to SF Pride again this year where some other skin of mine will be prominently displayed - I'll just leave it at that.  If you find pictures of me on the Internet somewhere from this event... you're welcome?
  • Summer events and activities.  I mentioned Pride already, but for this particular summer I have tickets to see THE BOOK OF MORMAN in July - BEYOND excited for this.  Between June and September, I've been known to go home to visit family where the definition of HOT is much more defined, go camping with friends as I did last year, or blind strangers with my paleness on a beach somewhere.  Or all of the above.
  • The television.  So You Think You Can Dance is my religious, obsessive summer reality show.  My extended limbs and attention to clumsiness refuse to let me dance the way my brain wants me to, so I vicariously live that 2nd-grade-dance-recital self out on this dance show as if I understand them in some way.  I'm fine with being amazed by other people's talents for this mostly mindless programming hoping I don't let myself think "I can do that" because no, Mandy, you can't.
  • ALL the ice cream.  Somehow eating an ice cream sandwich on an 80-degree day in December doesn't feel right.  But in June?  GET IN MY BELLY.  I have at least three cartons of ice cream in my freezer at all times for summer months.
  • Pools (when no children are present).  I have lived in my current apartment for almost two years now, yet I have not dipped my toe into the pool our complex has.  I stare at it longingly in our gym with the thought of diving in after a workout - the glass walls between the pool and the gym make it hard for this to NOT happen - but the pool remains Mandy-less.  Dare I step into it this summer?  I work from home more often now, so the childless pool option is on the table.

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