July 6, 2015

List: What Is Mandy Up To? (July 2015)

What Mandy Loves List: What Is Mandy Up To? (July 2015)
Here we go again with another Up To post.  Somehow I'm strangely busy yet social all at once.  This summer's a whirlwind already, so follow along:

  • Obsession: The Mandy-made music archive spreadsheet I've created out of nowhere months back.  My sole purpose is life may be to never finish this massive list of albums, artists, playlists, etc of every song I know and love.  Since my iTunes account is dormant and I'm in need of filling up my Spotify playlists, I'm going nuts with sub playlists and categorizing rules and backing-up in general ALL THE SONGS.  This pleases my hyper-list-making self having full control in my own space, out of the tyranny of how third-party softwares want me to organize my junk.  The control!  It's intoxicating.

  • Joy: The Book of Mormon!  I saw it over the holiday weekend and IT WAS AMAZING.  I went in blind and came out wondering how on earth this Cards Against Humanity of musicals could ever come this far being so successful!  It's so amusingly offensive yet sweet and fantastic in the best ways.  The Spooky Mormon Hell Dream song is my favorite.

  • Read: Deep by Kylie Scott.  After finishing the Marked Men series last month (the spin-offs can't come ANY FASTER, Jay!), I'm coming to the end of a similar series of tatted up dudes and their put-up-with-your-shit ladies.  From tattoo artists to rock stars, I go!  The last of the Stage Dive series brings another beloved series of mine to an end with the last member of the band knocking up a chick and somehow true love ensues.  (Barf.)  Cross your fingers I don't toss my Kindle out the window during this read.

  • Worry: Jimmy the Cat's tumor removal at the end of the week.  Frank the Tumor as it is now called was discovered on the side of his foot recently and has an extradition date of this Friday.  The vet says it's a very common thing for cats and I shouldn't fret over anything spreading through his body.  So it's just a hanger-oner who's costing me money and putting a Cone of Shame on my kitty?  Pretty much.  Am I still nervous about Jimmy going under the knife?  That's a yes.  DAMMIT, FRANK.

  • Hope: Since there's a fresh and new certain something that's going fairly well so far with me currently, I'm hopeful for keeping things in the well department as long as possible.  Going for vague here, but that's all I'll say. :)  (AND I'm an expert at jinxing myself, so let the universe know this is NOT A JINX.  NO, IT IS NOT.)

  • Update: I'm getting better at learning new patterns and projects in crochet.  If you've followed me around social media lately, you've seen my first batch of tie-back halter tops!  The one pictured in this post's photo was made months before the recent and wonderful SCOTUS decision, but boy is it appropriate now.  I've been getting asked to sell these things, but I'm indecisive at this point of the cost and work associated.  Stay tuned folks as I may put a DIY of these on here, at least...  Possibly.

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