November 2, 2015

List: What Mandy Loves About Mutemath

List: What Mandy Loves About Mutemath via
I can argue all day that the best underrated band in the history of the universe is Mutemath (or Mute Math, MUTEMATH, whatever version of their name you see out there).  This superfan since 2008 has seen them twice live so far, has all their albums and unreleased songs as humanly (and legally) possible, AND knows way too much about these four dudes based in New Orleans.  Just do me a favor and look them up before I smack you upside the head.

ANYWHO, back to the topic at hand.  This is a consolidated list since there are way too many things I can put here, but these are the main reasons why I love Mutemath:

  • They have a unique sound that's hard to put into a box.  I hate trying to describe them to a tee, but those of us in the official fan page on Facebook for these guys call their sound "delicious" more often than not.  The rest is alternative rock mixed with bluesy and synthy rock stuff, based in Christianity, that flows through heartache, stress, love, fun, belief, family, and all the other themes they have going on in their songs.  Their drummer is a beast who goes nuts on the songs, their lead singer's airy voice is heavenly over the piano and keytar he plays, and the other two on guitar and base pluck that sound like it's the last fruit on the vine or whatever.
  • They seem like the nicest dudes.  I know fame and all that distorts who people are through the lenses of their music and marketing and such, but everything I've seen of them portrays them as genuine musicians with the passion and drive along with humble personalities.  They are always doing fun stuff with their fans, posting on social media, and interviewing with best intentions (that's a pun, for the fans out there).
  • They are AMAZING live.  I'll be seeing them again in March for their full new album tour since this last stint was a just-because one between new stuff BUT IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT.  Their energy, quality, and musicianship is beyond anything I'd ever expect from a band with a modest following, and they just keep surprising me.
  • They're still making great music after ten years, even after drama with their label forced them away to start their own.  Some bands start out great then fade slowly with their sophomore or junior albums into oblivion, but not Mutemath.  Their four-year hiatus between the last album and this new one out in a few weeks has been WELL WORTH the wait with what they've produced since.  For us fans, it's easy to hear the difference in their sound between albums for one reason or another, but this one rose from ashes and became so fresh and new yet still THEM through it all.
  • It's so easy to pull in new fans!   I listen to their albums in my car while I'm driving around for Lyft, and occasionally get people who asked about them.  Last month when they visited the city, I dragged a friend with me who seems to have enjoyed himself.  (We'll see if I've recruited a fan or bandwagoner trying to make me happy.  It's a 50/50 shot with my Scotty.)

Ms. Superfan over here can't wait for November 13th for the Vitals album release and March 5th of next year for their Sacramento show.  It's most like that between now and March I'll be drowning in their music until I die of happiness.

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