January 20, 2016

Tip #30: Leave Out A Dream List

Lovely Tip #30: Leave Out A Dream List via www.whatmandyloves.com
Internal motivation is something I struggle with when only my personal gain is at stake. I tend to question everything, wondering what the point really is if it's just me to disappoint (and I'm a very forgiving individual).

I've tried those "hang in there" inspirational posters and quotes as nice reminders, but they don't do much to push me. I liked the concept though, but I noticed I need to customize my own external motivation in a different way.

Leave a "dream list" where you can see it daily for constant motivation towards your goals.

The image below is out for the start of 2016, hung up on my bathroom door at eye level. The physical reminder of what my life could be like if I just - like Britney says - "WORK, bitch!" is just the kick I need.

What Mandy Loves: Image of the handwritten dream list hung up on my door via www.whatmandyloves.com
My dream list reads as follows (typed out as my handwritten is horrendous):

ZERO DEBT including Parent Loan. I'm SO CLOSE to paying it all off compared to the full number!  Almost (sort of) there!

Working from home as a full-time writer & blogger (plus occasional design freelancing). This may need to be re-worked if my current experience of working from home is similar in the motivation department. Maybe renting an office somewhere will fix this, ie getting out of the house for human interaction occasionally.

Volunteering and giving to animal shelters/foundations. Once all my debt is gone, I'll keep my lifestyle the same and save a bit as I go, but mostly give whatever's left to the animals in my community.

Fostering animals from animal shelters/foundations. I can definitely see myself as one of those 50-something-year-old ladies who foster a bunch of pets in her home because she ended up not having kids but still needs to take care of something for self-worth.

2 vacations per year (excluding holidays with family). I won't be a full-on wanderer who catches the traveling bug, but I think I'll want to expand my horizons more at the opportunity to do so.

6+ tattoos (cash-flowed). This one is a by-thirty-year-old goal I'm on my way to striving. I won't be surprised if I end up with ten or more by forty, even.

Condo or small home alone (no more apartments). The "alone" part is TBD by whatever life throws at me love-wise, but a purchase of my first home in general, if I'm destined to be alone, will be the next big thing to strive for after my loans are done.

4-day weeks, 3-day weekends. Tied to the second point. I may change this one to something tied to a goal instead, again depending on what life will let me do.

What's on your dream list? Let me know in the comments!

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