March 2, 2016

Tip #31: Store Candle Wax in Ice Trays

Lovely Tip #31: Store Candle Wax in Ice Trays via
I cut my candle budget down to mostly zero, partly because my roommate already has a few he let me steal.  He has a bunch of nature and pine scents, holiday ones, and basic simple scents - all rarely used.  One, in particular, was a big candle with a tiny wick that would always burn out too fast with too much wax left over.  So what did I do with all this great scent that would otherwise go to waste?

Break apart chunks of scented candle wax and store them into thrifted ice cube trays!  

Each square is the perfect size to put into a candle warmer to get the greatest use out of the scent.  The trays are washable so once you run out of that wax you can wash them out and put in new wax with a different scent.

What Mandy Loves: Image of a ice cube tray full of green candle wax via
I have two of these trays stacked together in a closet so I can pop out equally portioned candle wax into my candle warmer at the ready.  Genius, right?

I've seen others store candle wax in candy molds or other silicone shape trays not just for ice to store them in cute shapes, too!   How have you used / stored excess candle wax?  Let me know in the comments!

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