April 6, 2016

Finds & Treasures: Mutemath Band Tank

Finds & Treasures: Mutemath Band Tank via www.whatmandyloves.com
For those who know me, Mutemath is the exception to every rule.  They have a show in the Bay Area?  I'm going even if I need to sell a kidney to get tickets.  I normally dislike band tattoos or lyric ones in general, but I have one Mutemath tattoo of my own with at least two on the way.  I'll wear their merch out to other concerts even though I don't like when other people wear merch from other bands at shows (it's like those who wear jerseys of other teams at a sporting event - we get it, you like sports, but why!)  It's safe to say I'll always be an Odd Soul.

The boys are back on a regular tour schedule with fresh, new material that hasn't been seen since 2011 and I'm STOKED.  I saw their pre Vitals tour of last year and snagged this tank top from the merch table the second I got in the door.

What Mandy Loves: Image of me in my favorite Mutemath tank to via www.whatmandyloves.com
Me wearing the best tank I own.  It may have been my Halloween costume last year as a "Mutemath fan." #lazycostume

I won't post a find & treasure of every Mutemath thing I own, so this tank has high honors being featured as a blog exception.  (Although Mutemath was previously featured in a DIY a while back, check it!)  It's getting to be one of my favorite band shirts now; just enough color, fits great unlike most "womens cut" shirts sold at concerts, good quality shirt brand they used, and the graphic is obvious enough to "spread the word of Mutemath" as a walking advertisement.

Do you have a favorite band you would do almost anything for?  Let me know who in the comments!

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