April 4, 2016

List: What Mandy Loves About Exercise

List: What Mandy Loves About Exercise via www.whatmandyloves.comI grew up with a mom who always went to the gym five to six days a week (and still does).  Kid Mandy, who has only had ONE year of P.E thanks to band and musical theater credits, would occasionally go with her when I would otherwise sit on my butt - then go back to sitting on my butt.  Most of the time, I was the '90s kid who USED to be active to mostly chase bugs, but would rather sit on my butt and waste this long-legged body on sedentary hobbies.

Now I'm supposed to be an adult who eats right, exercises, and can take care of myself, blah blah blah, right?  In reality, I keep the relatively same body I've had since high school by taking semi-regular walks and fasting accidentally more than purposely eating healthy.  I have access to a gym I'll occasionally go to and stick with for a few months, give up and eat pizza, repeat.  It's a cycle I've accepted of myself until I find that adult motivation, or I won't and that's fine.

When I DO embark in purposeful movement for healthy reasons, here are the few things I actually love about exercise:

  • That accomplished, weak-in-the-knees RUSH after a hard / long workout.  I've felt it over cycle machines, walks around a lake by my house (Merced to be exact, twice over in three and a half hours once - good lord), and other "intense" things I do not do often but are SO WORTH that rush.
  • Clearing my mind and easing my spirit.  Since most of my movements are minimal, its easy for my brain to turn off for a bit against all the weirdness of life and stress of work and all that junk an accelerated heart rate tends to tear down.
  • Seeing the positive progress and/or results through it.  I've fluctuated 10-20 pounds back and forth since I moved out on my own and went between working from home to back in an office or both.  When I was in the 20 gained zone and wanted to get myself back on track, I'd only be able to keep up with my goal if I saw I was headed towards the green out of the red.
  • I feel like I'm a big old adult taking care of myself for once.  Even though Mother Dearest made it seem like working out all the time is normal for adults, my normal is maintaining what I have so it feels like I've got my shit together.  When I do get my ACTUAL shit together, for however long it may be, it feels pretty great.

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