May 2, 2016

List: What Is Mandy Up To (May 2016)

What Mandy Loves List: What Is Mandy Up To? (May 2016)
The past few months have had a few big changes, so might as well get 'em out in an Up To:

  • Obsession: Puzzles!  Kid Mandy was obsessed with em, the more complex the better.  Scott (the boyfriend - see the Hope bullet) mentioned there was a puzzle in his office break room that reminded him how fun puzzles are, and I gasp "I have ONE puzzle!  LET'S DO THIS."  Several puzzles and multiple shopping trips later, our obsession can't stop, won't stop.

  • Joy: There's a new baby in the family (and NO it's not mine).  I'm officially an aunt!  My sister gave birth to her first, Leighton Hope, six weeks early on April Fool's because new baby likes messing with people as early in her life as possible.  I'm being bombarded with photos and every little update my mom aka new grandma overshares.  I have yet to hold her because I only made it in time for the preemie birth to look at her through a plastic bubble, but Aunt Mandy will visit before the fall to at least touch the thing. *Poke* Babies... *shudder* don't panic, it's a meat sack until she gets a personality, she can't hurt you.

  • Read: Comics.  Can you believe I'm saying it?  It only took my nerd friends several years to get my not-as-nerdy self to finally explore some comic books.  Since Scott has enough to open his own shop, I've been slowly reading through a few series.  I'm really liking Paper Girls and Saga so far.  (Of course I had to start reading The Walking Dead to compare it with the TV show I love so much.  Finally, I know.)

  • Worry: With all this working-from-home business and camping out a Scott's place more often than my actual office lately, I'm feeling less and less enthused with being home alone.  It used to be my sanctuary, my happy place.  Now I find myself being eaten by my bed longer than I used to, motivation drained from me when nobody's around to see me because why bother.  Cross your fingers I bounce out of this lethargy that's had its grip on me lately.  (This blog post is a stride so go me!  KEEP IT UP.)

  • Hope: Things keep going well with Scott and I.  It's been around four months of being comfortably wonderful as a unit, something I don't have much positive experience with until now AND IT'S GREAT.  We're taking a break from shows for a little while because ouch money and yay lazy Puzzle Sundays, but maybe I can get us vampires outdoors for something other than music this summer for some more of that "new couple bonding."

  • Update: I'm jump-starting my archive of old high school writings / slices of manuscripts that will never be a thing by bringing them back into view.  I had them backed up in the cloud for a while since my hard drive died so the focus has been on a few new pieces.  Now I've got them all up in my Evernote, even putting the larger ones into their own notebooks and reorganizing like I could start any of them up again (insert over the top laugh here because that's a stretch).  Maybe once my lethargy is down to a safe minimum I can take these ridiculous things more seriously to improve my present-day voice and structure.

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