January 2, 2017

List: What Is Mandy Up To? (January 2017)

List: What Is Mandy Up To? (January 2017) via www.whatmandyloves.com
I'm starting a new year off with an Up To.

  • Obsession: Back to Pokemon Go, I have no shame.  Most of my birthday, the boyfriend and I walked around a park near his house just to catch as many Squirtles as we could.  I may explore my neighborhood again for more of these little pocket monsters (especially since Bulbasaurs, my favorite, are popping up everywhere!)

  • Joy: Setting up a new bullet journal!  My 2016 one was a good stab at the system for my noob status, but this year I'm going the *full custom route* in a blank notebook instead of a store-bought planner setup.  I've found a layout that I think will work great, the color system is better, and I'm tracking more of what I am willing to track instead of forgetting / overwhelming myself with last year's attempts.

  • Read: On Second Thought by my all-time favorite author Kristan Higgins!  She's putting her stories in a different direction than I'm used to with the fluffy, rom-com series she usually churns out, but I'm enjoying the different.  This particular book is about two sisters dealing with love and loss and being brought together by it, and I'm just in love.  Can this book not end, please?

  • Worry: That my mom's condition gets worse.  She had a brush with breast cancer over the holidays.  It was caught early, she had surgery to remove the small lump, and all is pointing to a quick recovery.  She finds out soon if she needs full radiation chemo over months or just targeted minimal radiation over weeks. We're all optimistic, but of course anxious to kick cancer's butt!

  • Hope: I can get what I want to get done in time!  I'm closer and closer to 30 years old, yet I haven't done much towards my "by 30" goals in recent years.  I just turned 27 a few days ago (notice the binary code candles on my little cake in the image - Scott's idea) so I have THREE years left.  I want to get the two or three tattoos I want, obliterate my student loan debt under my name, volunteer with the Humane Society in some capacity, & many other things I have less time to accomplish by the day.  The past few years of working from home have shifted my perspective of time where it's only felt like one instead of three years!  Does time really have to pass me by at this unfair pace?  Will I get all I want done in time?!

  • Update: Jimmy and his new fur roommate Luna are about the same in their furry friendship since her recent arrival, meaning Jimmy tolerates her presence and Luna REALLY wants to play with him to no avail.  I didn't expect my cat to get along with any dog smaller than a german sheppard (the kind of dog sizes he was used to at his previous home) let alone a small one that isn't even mine, but his tolerance thus far is positive for sure.  They won't be together in the same room unsupervised any time soon, but it's progressing.  He greets her in her crate every morning with a sniff and it's adorable.

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