March 6, 2017

List: Mandy's Favorite Makeup Look

List: Mandy's Favorite Makeup Look via
I'm not an authority on makeup whatsoever.  My mom has always rarely wore makeup, so my growing self would pick and choose what I thought I'd like from friends or the dreaded media, and it's caught up with me now.

It's either getting older and not caring anymore or being accustomed to my broke self, but I don't do much with the stuff anymore.  I'm beautiful as I am, but I can flaunt a few of my natural features when I wanna.  I know what works for me in my laziness and basic portrayal of my "best face."

Excluding naming each product I use, here's a list of my favorite makeup items for an everyday look:

  • Basic moisturizer.  I sometimes throw in concealer or foundation to mix with it, but I'm simple and don't care as much as I used to for the entire face to start.  I have dark circles, pores, wrinkles, and zits, ok?  I'm human.  I just want a bit of nice lotion with SPF so I can recognize my face and protect it.

  • Eyebrow pencil.  This has only been a recent transition from leaving my brows alone to realizing IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE for me penciling them in.  If I had to go outside with only one product now, it would be this for filled in brows.

  • Mascara in black or dark brown.  I'm picky with this product because its the WORST to get off.  Lazy me uses face wipes to remove makeup (I know it's wasteful but I otherwise wouldn't do it, I know myself) including all eye makeup, so it needs to come off easy but not smear throughout the day.

  • Contouring face powder, a light tan color.  I'm not a perfectionists, I just don't want a one-color flat face when I know I'm putting on makeup for the day.  A line below the cheekbones, the sides of my face, and the forehead bit that's visible around my bangs is all I need.

  • Light blush in a pink base color.  Peach base is too close to contouring color, red base is too obvious on my vampire completion, but a tiny bit of pink blush adds a color between "I know what the sun is" and "Aw golly gee, thanks for the compliment I didn't expect."  I'm really good at putting too much on so I'm delicate with this product and don't always use it.

  • Honorable Mention: Brown / dark brown eye shadow at the crease.  Teenage and College Mandy used to put too much stock in all the pretty colors and palettes of eye shadow.  Even through wearing glasses hides the details most of the time I would feel blank not wearing it to class every day.  Now I occasionally use it for a deepening effect of my eyes more than fun color combinations.

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