April 3, 2017

List: What Mandy Loves About Sleep

List: What Mandy Loves About Sleep via www.whatmandyloves.com
I only subscribe to two "addictions" in life: sugar and sleep.  I'll drink iced tea all day every day or migraines come as punishment for thinning my body's sugar resource.  Sleep is my escape that takes me away from the world and recharges my body and mind.  There's nothing like getting cozy under sheets and blankets with your memory foam pillow and just turning yourself off from life.  Here's what I love about sleep:

  • I get to do it every damn day.  It may seem forced to do so because it's what my body needs to pff, "sustain life" and all, but it will never stop feeling like a privilege to me.

  • My bed is the best place on earth.  I don't need to travel to distant lands to feel a greater escape or go to a church to find my religion because these things are already in my bedroom as the pillowy rectangle that takes me away every night.  I love my bed a bit too much most of the time, and I know it's bad for me to be in bed all day but COME ON.  Your bed is life!

  • Inspiration can occur from dreams.  As a writer, my brain tends to be at its peak word gushing stage around 2-3am on the regular.  If I'm up during that time I'll be writing, but if I wake up from something at that time where my brain processed a sentence, phrase, or scene a certain way during a snooze, oh god WRITE THAT DOWN.  I have to have a notepad beside my bed for times like these.

  • If I get the right amount of sleep, I'm unstoppable.  If I sleep too much, I'm a curmudgeon.  Sleep too little and I'm in a "hulk smash" stage, and I won't be able to speak to a human for at least one hour after my forced awoken state and some sugar/caffeine.  But oh boy, that sweet spot of 7-9 hours makes a world of difference for my upcoming day's mood and energy to keep me at my Peak Mandy.

  • Naps!  I'm still working on the best way to nap where I don't wake up as a zombie or the Hulk, but when I do get those rare wonderful moments of recharge it's euphoric!  My mood and energy are zapped back up to 100% and I'm feeling AWESOME.  (I wonder if that's how my phone feels charging the battery.)  Whoever invented naps is a god.

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