May 1, 2017

List: 5 Things I Do Every Day

List: 5 Things I Do Every Day via
My day to day activities are not extravagant or at all blog-worthy, but the ones I like to keep up with every day keep me moving forward towards the positive.  If I do these productive, routine things on a regular basis, I feel less like a lazy, garbage person and somewhat closer to the concept of an "adult."  Here are five things I tend to do (mostly) every day (on an average day), excluding the usual eat, sleep, work, etc boring stuff:

Bullet journal.  Logging my life through journaling and other methods used to feel like a chore and unnecessary burden, until I color code my days/weeks/months and any little detail I want to display using the bullet journal method.  (I post more about it on my Thinks blog, so if you want to read me rambling on at how fun and amazing bullet journaling is, go there.)

Track my "health" and "fitness."  I put each of those in quotes but I'm not very healthy and the most fitness I do is walk BUT I got on the fitness tracker bandwagon this year so I have little doodad on my wrist that does most of the tracking for me.  Is it helping me be more healthy and do more fitness-y things?  TBD

Make and/or manage lists.  If there is not at least one list item on some kind of chores, craft projects, work items, blog schedules, or other semi-important lists in my life, I feel lost.  I always need something pending to do.  Then I do those things at some point and find new ones to list.  The cycle is never-ending, and that's how I like it.

Take a walk.  I need to see the word revolving around me and the people in my community living their lives at least a few times a week to feel like I'm a legitimate part of society.  Staying home to work instead of observing the office environment I used to have on a daily basis drains me of humanity at times, so I take small morning walks a few times a week to recharge or whenever I need a boost of motivation.  On the days I don't leave the house I'll walk around the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc to get my body up and moving.

Put on clothes and "my face" even if I'm not going anywhere.  I know I said the usual stuff is boring and not blog-worthy, but I've been struggling to do this properly over the last few years.  Working from home gives me the opportunity to slack off outside of the work itself like wearing pajamas all day and not touching makeup.  When I care far less and let myself slip down the pj's-day hole, I feel like less of a person.  I'm striving to at least put on a new outfit every weekday this year.

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