July 3, 2017

List: What Is Mandy Up To? (July 2017)

List: What Is Mandy Up To? (July 2017) via www.whatmandyloves.com
I know it's only been six or so months since my last Up To, but a lot has changed / happened so LET'S GET INTO IT, MY LOVES.

  • Obsession: Watching sewing and fashion videos on YouTube.  I've been wanting to learn to sew and *attempt* to alter my own clothes from thrifted items, but all I can muster in the motivation department is learning by viewing.  I'm currently binge watching through a bunch of sewing DIYs and thrifted items transformed or altered to something custom and/or silly.  My dad makes costumes as part of his living as an artist and my grandmother has always been crafty, so WHY have I not learned the basics at least in sewing by now - at twenty-seven years of age?!  Looking into a sewing class as a girl's day event ASAP.

  • Joy: Vegas, baby!  As you can somewhat tell from my photo here, I'm in VEGAS for the Fourth of July weekend with the boyfriend!  We are not Vegas people by any stretch of the phrase, but two of boyfriend's all-time favorite bands have concert stops here (one of which only has one show on the entire west coast being here), so it had to be done.  We've done a few basic tourist staples, but it's been pretty chill outside the concerts and people-watching on the strip.  I don't vacation much (or really ever) outside family visits so this weekend was a treat away from the usual for boyfriend and I.

  • Read: I've been terrible at reading words on a page lately, but I have been getting into more audio books and podcasts.  Hooray for audio!  I have a few audio books saved from the last crazy few months so I will definitely dive into those this month.  And since my radio show is on vacation for THREE WEEKS (I'm already feeling deprived and it's only the first week), I have three hours a day I can spend on an audio book until they return.

  • Worry: Jimmy's annual vet appointment is next week, and I'm always worried coming up to these.  There was the Jimmy Has A Bump saga of a few years ago where he had to get a cancerous monster removed from his paw, so now every six months I have cat mom anxiety of "what will they say is wrong with Jimmy now?!"  He's getting up there in years, he keeps growing those old-cat skin growths my vet scoffs at because they're not cancerous, but inside I'm CONCERNED.

  • Hope: Can I get back to some hobbies I've neglected, please?  Since my massive pansy blanket I crocheted being completed back in February, I haven't done much crafting.  My writing schedule used to be at least an hour a day at its peek but now it's about an hour a month.  My blogging scheduling is suffering, too.  My motivation to do nothing but sleep or binge something visual or audio in bed is draining me of all other joys that I MUST GET BACK TO.

  • Update: It's been crazy the last few months because I moved!  No more living with a boy.  He's moved on to fancier living in the city and I'm BACK to living with ladies - this time renting out a room in a legit HOUSE for the first time a few miles south of my former place.  My landlady is AMAZING and I'm so grateful to be where I am with her and her daughter in this tiny house in a neighborhood where I can park my car in a driveway (a driveway, guys!) and UGH I'm over the moon.  Their cat Gideon is not pleased with his new roommate Jimmy, so that's a process getting them introduced properly in slow baby steps (less hissing now than the first day, thumbs up).  Other than that which will work itself out slowly I'm in a great place.  (My friends are still waiting for me to tell them my landlady is crazy because I met her on Craigslist where all the crazies hang, but so far she's too pure for this world and that's the best person to live with.)

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