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Welcome, my noobs!  As my trusty sidebar suggests, this "What Mandy Loves" blog is my inspiration & crafting blog.  As a full-time designer and part-time crafter, I love finding excuses to express myself through many mediums.  I want to inspire others to express themselves through crafting, decor, organization, and all that jazz, thus this blog was born!

Who's this "Mandy" person?
Personally, I'm a sister, organizer, reader, writer, crafter, designer, blogger, cat owner, and giraffe lover.  This gal is tall, tattooed, and above all upbeat.  Professionally, I'm a Creative Specialist at a social media company with a degree in Web Design.

What does she post about?
I like to write about various things:

- "DIY" full of how-to's and do-it-yourself projects.  Posts without step-by-step imagery were done before the existence of this blog, so my apologies.

- "Finds & Treasures" stuffed with knick knacks, decor, and priceless items I've gathered throughout the years.  Some of them have a rich history I am aware of, others still have some mystery to them.

- "Tips" of various decor and organization based options for all the clutter you want to show off in a practical way.  Save space, time, money, and sanity as well as finding a better reason to keep the stuff you want to have.

- "Lists" because I love making lists so a monthly topic of my choosing is talked about in hopes of inspiring others with said topic.

- There's also Themes are sometimes used throughout each type of post listed above (excluding monthly Lists).  Themes include locations in my apartment (my bedroom, kitchen, etc), childhood nostalgia, etc.

How often does she post?
I try to post every Wednesday. If you don't see a new post one week, check back later as I may have forgotten to schedule it.  I'm only human after all.

Take a look around, read some of my stuff, and let me know what you think!  I love comments and page views.

Thanks for showing up!  I suggest you stick around.

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